To whom it may

#10 Billboard HeatSeekers and #10 iTunes Metal

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What they’re saying

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"I knew the minute I heard ‘Ghost’ by To Whom It May. There is something intangible about EVERYTHING TWIM does musically and that's what I love about them, they make me want to listen more and more to try and put my finger on it, challenging me if you will to understand why, who, or what has inspired these musicians to create such awe inspiring music!! That's why I love TWIM!"~ KEVIN MARTIN, CANDLEBOX

“TWIM is a really smart blend of heaviness and commercialism. The vocals have an almost Brandon Boyd Incubus quality to them that attracts a more female and hipster audience but it’s layered over this heavy, melodic music that any fan of the Breaking Benjamin, Five Finger Death Punch, and Stone Sour type of sound will gravitate to. That's not easily to do well. They are heavy with rare commercial appeal.





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